Welcome to Apollo International Preschool

Apollo International Preschool is the place for children to be themselves. It is our duty to enhance our children’s precious childhood. From a school perspective, we want our children to learn through playing. At the same time, we help our children to grow passionately, intellectually and physically. The homely environment we created will allow our children to be cared for and be loved.

IPC school owners & teachers are often asked to compare the key differences between an IPC education …
Apollo International Preschool offers full day & half day programs to all children of ages 2 months – 6 years+ …
Curious Little Chef
In Apollo we pay great attention to the food and nutrients for our children. Teaching kids to eat healthily at young age …
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Above-board – We shape our children to carry themselves with integrity.

Independent – The necessary skill of independent learning will prepare our children to be future leaders.

Philanthropic – To learn the art of giving and caring for others.